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How to Measure






Before measuring ask yourself how am I going to hang this treatment.  Check the window opening for how you will install this treatment.  There may be molding and or paneling that intrudes into the window opening that you must work around.  Bath rooms and kitchens are notorious for tile in the window sill (in this event give us a call and we can walk you through it or come out and measure it for you - we do free estimates in the Dallas - Ft Worth metroplex).  Knowing how you will install the treatment is half the battle.  For example if you are ordering a 2" wood blind you will need 2" of room inside the window opening to mount the brackets to hold the blind.

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Diagram 1



Inside Mount

Outside Mount

For outside mount we do not mean on the exterior of your house, we mean outside the window opening.  Outside mount means we are going to make this treatment bigger than the window opening and mount it to the wall, into the studs beside the window opening. A fairly good rule of thumb is check your widow sill, it is usually 3 inches wider than the window opening.