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Wood Blinds

Southeast Woods™
By Vista Products

The Elegance Of Wood.

For centuries wood has been crafted into magnificent items to decorate homes of distinction.
Today, Southeast Woods brings this beauty of nature to your windows, with elegant wood blinds. The blinds are precision cut from the finest grade A basswood, a wood that's finely grained, extremely stable and hard, but very light in weight.


The Decorating Statement -1", 2" and 3" slats.

Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, wood blinds add a classic design element to your home. They are available in either smooth or sandblasted finish, in the prettiest of nature's colors, ranging from rich wood tones to various shades of white and soft decorator colors. Our 1" slats are perfect for those who prefer the sleeker look. And our popular 2" slat, or the new 3" size, suggest a more traditional style.

Beautiful, Durable, And Practical, Too.

Not only are wood blinds luxurious looking, they are also an excellent insulator. Whatever the climate is outdoors, your energy efficient wood blinds will help keep the temperature comfortable in any room throughout your house.

Accent With Color.

To match your decor or add color to the blinds, (two inch slats only) select from our assortment of decorative fabric tapes in the latest fashion shades.
The Southeast Woods™ Difference.

Since we manufacture and distribute our own wood blinds, we are able to offer high quality products at a lower cost to you. In addition, we have the ability to process your order quickly and precisely, so the delivery time is greatly reduced. Vista is so convinced of the superiority of our product, we even guarantee it with a limited lifetime warranty.

Southeast Woods™ Custom Made To Your Measure.

Every set of blinds is custom made to your specific window dimensions. They can be mounted either inside or outside the window jambs. Use a hard-edge ruler or steel tape for the most accurate measurements.

Superior Quality From Top To Bottom.

To create an attractive finished look, our molded wood valance is perfectly mitered all outside returns.
Strong steel head rail consists of a specially designed cord lock to ensure smooth, easy raising and lowering of the blinds.
A simple turn of the coordinating wood tilt wand will control the amount of privacy and outside light into your room. Cord tilts are available in our 2" and 3" blinds.
2" slats are handcrafted to a smooth or sandblasted finish.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.